Artist Statement:

Bringing life to canvas is what compels me to paint.

People are the main subject of my work. I strive to paint not only their likeness, but also their presence and gaze.

When I paint from life, I feel the truest to myself, having to trust my direct impressions and observations, with a sense of urgency imposed by changing lighting conditions and the limited time someone can sit for a portrait. Working from photographic references on the other hand can let my imagination break in and bring more symbolic meaning to the painting.

I work mostly with oil paints, and occasionally watercolours and acrylic and I draw mainly with charcoal.

I recently discovered and fell in love with printmaking; etching providing me ways to further explore the drawing side of portraiture, and monotype allowing me to spontaneously depict light and form in a more simplified, essential way.

My influences are a combination of the School of London (Lucian Freud in particular), the Viennese Secession (Klimt, Schiele) and Modern Art figures such as Modigliani.

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