Second week of Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Week challenge

Last Sunday, Sky TV’s second week’s guest sitter for the new Portrait Artist of the Week challenge organised by  Artist of the Year  was author and writer Bernardine Evaristo, whose novel Girl, Woman, Other won the Booker Prize 2019.

I couldn’t resist painting Bernardine’s huge smile – that’s probably my first portrait ever showing teeth, as I was always worried that attempting to paint smiles might end up making the portrait look stiff and unauthentic. But the risk was worth it I think. I also featured her books and objects collection behind her as I felt it reflected her bubbly personality and work as a writer. I don’t usually paint busy backgrounds but I am glad I did for this portrait!

Portrait of Bernardine Evaristoby Clara Niniewski for the Portrait Artist of the Week challenge, oil on stretched linen.
Portrait of Bernardine Evaristo, 36.5 x 30.5 cm, oil on stretched linen.

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