Artist of the Week challenge compilation

As lockdown measures in the UK are being lifted, I thought I’d take a look back at the paintings I did for the Artist of the Week Challenge organised by Sky TV on their Facebook channel. Every Sunday during nine weeks the Artist of the Year programme invited a guest sitter to pose for fourContinue reading “Artist of the Week challenge compilation”

Second week of Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Week challenge

Last Sunday, Sky TV’s second week’s guest sitter for the new Portrait Artist of the Week challenge organised by  Artist of the Year  was author and writer Bernardine Evaristo, whose novel Girl, Woman, Other won the Booker Prize 2019. I couldn’t resist painting Bernardine’s huge smile – that’s probably my first portrait ever showing teeth, as I was always worried thatContinue reading “Second week of Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Week challenge”

Joining Sky TV’s First Portrait Artist of the Week challenge

Joining hundreds of artists in a portrait painting challenge. Last Sunday Sky TV launched the first-ever ‘Portrait Artist Of The Week‘ challenge on Facebook Live.  The organisers of the yearly contest Artist of the Year had the idea to unite painters from all over the world in a new weekly portrait painting challenge. Every week they invite aContinue reading “Joining Sky TV’s First Portrait Artist of the Week challenge”

Revisiting an etching by Lucian Freud

A different way to look at an admired artist’s work I am very fond of Lucian Freud’s etchings, so I decided to paint this study after one of his etchings from 1985 titled Girl Holding Her Foot.I painted this figure looking at the image upside down, in order to focus better on shapes and forms without too much interference ofContinue reading “Revisiting an etching by Lucian Freud”

Two female portrait studies, from greyscale to colour

The first portrait I painted under the turtorship of Atul Vohora at Heatherley’s was a black and white study, or rather a study using grey tones, from very dark to very light, mixed out of black and white oil paints. Working in monochrome presented similarities with my previous printmaking project, and allowed me to create aContinue reading “Two female portrait studies, from greyscale to colour”

Discovering Printmaking – Part 3: Monotype

After etching and aquatint, now is the time to share with you a third printmaking technique I learnt with Hilary Daltry at Heatherley’s: the monotype. Monotype is a printmaking technique which, unlike etching and aquatint, yields only one good impression from each plate before the ink is used up. This makes monotypes inherently unique. A monotype is made by drawing on glass or aContinue reading “Discovering Printmaking – Part 3: Monotype”