Heatherley’s Annual Exhibition

Heatherley School of Fine Art’s annual exhibition took place last week, showcasing an exciting display of oil paintings and sculptures made by its students. I had myself a selection of four recent portraits on show. See below:

Panorama of exhibited oil portrait paintings by Clara Niniewski at Heatherley's School of Fine Art on Lots Road, Chelsea, London
My four portraits displayed at Heatherley School of Fine Art’s Annual Exhibition

Each portrait was painted from life. All except my self-portrait were painted at Heatherley’s studio with models sitting for the students. I painted my self-portrait from direct observation looking at my reflection in the mirror at home in my improvised studio corner in my living room during lockdown. All four are available for sale (please contact me for more information)

From left to right:

Oil Portrait on canvas of a melancholic seated woman wearing blue jeans by Clara Niniewski
Portrait of Carla, Oil on canvas, 61 x 92 cm (24” x 36”)
Self Portrait called Reflection by Clara Niniewski painted in oils on canvas
SefReflection (Self-Portrait), oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm (16”x 16”)
Portrait of a nude Black woman wearing a head scarf standing next to a jug with flowers painted with oil paints on canvas by Clara Niniewski
Morimda (Standing Nude), Oil on canvas, 50 x 100 cm (20” x 39.5”)
Realistic close-up portrait of a middle aged man with a serious straight gaze painted with oil paints on canvas by Clara Niniewski
ReaRaph (Close Up Portrait Of A Middle Aged Man), Oil on canvas, 51 x 63 cm (20” x 24”)

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