Artist of the Week challenge compilation

As lockdown measures in the UK are being lifted, I thought I’d take a look back at the paintings I did for the Artist of the Week Challenge organised by Sky TV on their Facebook channel. Every Sunday during nine weeks the Artist of the Year programme invited a guest sitter to pose for fourContinue reading “Artist of the Week challenge compilation”


2019, Oil on canvas, 61 x 76 cm Painted from life, this portrait is of a woman in a sensuous dark velevet dress who is waiting, lost in her thoughts. Her distant gaze alludes to a sense of wait, expectation and resignation. She is partly dreamy, partly sad, longing for something or someone who mayContinue reading “Waiting”

Girl In A Red Dress

2019, oil on stretched canvas, 30 x 40 cm [sold] Using a limited palette of primary colours, this oil portrait focuses on the Spanish girl’s red dress matching the red background and her distant gaze. The red of the dress and background allude to the woman’s youth, vitality and determination, in spite of her seaminglyContinue reading “Girl In A Red Dress”

Three studies of Woman with a Braid (Portrait Triptych)

2019, Oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm Woman with a braid’s head study triptych painted with a limited palette of Earth colours: English light red, yellow ochre, ultramarine and titanium white.