Revisiting an etching by Lucian Freud

A different way to look at an admired artist’s work I am very fond of Lucian Freud’s etchings, so I decided to paint this study after one of his etchings from 1985 titled Girl Holding Her Foot.I painted this figure looking at the image upside down, in order to focus better on shapes and forms without too much interference ofContinue reading “Revisiting an etching by Lucian Freud”


2019, Oil on canvas, 61 x 76 cm Painted from life, this portrait is of a woman in a sensuous dark velevet dress who is waiting, lost in her thoughts. Her distant gaze alludes to a sense of wait, expectation and resignation. She is partly dreamy, partly sad, longing for something or someone who mayContinue reading “Waiting”