Discovering Printmaking – Part 3: Monotype

After etching and aquatint, now is the time to share with you a third printmaking technique I learnt with Hilary Daltry at Heatherley’s: the monotype. Monotype is a printmaking technique which, unlike etching and aquatint, yields only one good impression from each plate before the ink is used up. This makes monotypes inherently unique. A monotype is made by drawing on glass or aContinue reading “Discovering Printmaking – Part 3: Monotype”

A break from painting: printmaking part 2: aquatint

After sharing my experience with hard ground etching (see my previous post on the traditional line etching technique here), now is the time to share with you my introduction to the Aquatint technique, during my printmaking project with Hilary Daltry at Heatherley’s. Aquatint is a type of etching technique developed at the end of the 18th century that produces a range of tones ratherContinue reading “A break from painting: printmaking part 2: aquatint”